Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Back!  We've finally received some internet where we've temporarily moved so it's been a long time since I posted.
I still don't have my pc with all my pictures and ability to download new ones yet.  Who knows when?  Not me.  However, I do feel I'm back in the 21st Century now--until my air card flies away.
It's been an uphill battle getting established but this little farm house is becoming "home."  It's a 30 minute drive from my daughter in one direction, a 30 minute drive from mega shopping areas and a 50 minute drive from the little house we are redecorating.
I've been able to fill in as accompanist two Sundays out of the three we've been here at a local church and am scheduled for next Sunday as well.  The organist has been sick and is now in the hospital.  I'm glad I was here to help out and don't want to assume anything but God does put people in the right places at the right times and I was available.  It's a Baptist church with traditional leanings--right up my alley and I've enjoyed playing there.  It was also good to visit my daughter's church last week--totally different in style but just as worshipful.  We were going to join her church immediately and then wait until God called us to another but we got caught up in subbing so we will be a bit delayed in finding our church family.  Until then, we go where God sends us.
We're making progress on our "home to be" as the dry wall is going in today.  We had to basically gut the whole house so it's going to take much more money than we figured--isn't that always the case when one remodels?  I think we'll like it but we have to DRASTICALLY DOWNSIZE!  And I thought I already had--Nope.  More later.  I have to clear about 150 emails now--hopefully.