Friday, December 23, 2011


Scarves for neighbor girls

Santa Bags
I've been busy last minute buying, wrapping, arranging and making Santa Bags and scarves--and jewelry, of course.  I had this low pile nylon velvety fabric, part of a box I got at a yard sale years ago and I had the perfect amount to make these bags.  I had decided not to do stockings for my three kids, their spouses and my 13 grandkids.  I knew it was coming eventually but this year, because of my sister's death, my time for shopping, etc. was limited.  I went Dollar Treeing and we will grab-bag--women, men and kids.  We'll be at my in-laws for Christmas Day and the day after so we're actually adding three more people to the mix.  The more the merrier, I guess.  I'm looking forward to being with everyone and am hoping to see my AL son and his family next week.  Too bad we can't all be together at once but we'll take what we get.  Some things can't be changed.  I've SO had to be flexible with all the schedule changes that take place with a large family.  What will we do when the g-kids get old enough to date and marry?  We'll see if the Lord allows.  Have a Jolly Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Jewelry

Faceted beads on waxed linen

Large red beads from antique necklace

Antique button closures

Faceted beads from antique necklace and mini glass beads

Yes, indeedy, these are addictive!  And I should be wrapping presents...hmmm.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Necklace

I made another necklace.  These are getting addictive.  Hopefully someone will enjoy it.  I've used charcoal and gray beads mixed with silver leaves and beads on black waxed linen thread.  I used a silver bead slide as a closure.  I have another bracelet, too, that I'll photograph another time.  I wrapped presents yesterday for about 5 hours--one needs a lot of time when one has 13 grandchildren.   Today I had to exchange a toy at Toy R Us--a scary chore, indeed!  They did have another, thank goodness.  I also did a Dollar Tree Run--another dangerous journey, for sure. Ho-ho-ho.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Card In Memory

I made a little Christmas card in memory of my sister, Peggy, who passed away last month.  I've sent it to her daughter, son and husband and I hope it pleases them.  It was very difficult to do this today.  My emotions took over and I had to make myself complete the task.  It took most of the day.
I used the colored lights background from mon on flickr and the frame is from playingwithbrushes on flickr

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quilt Completed!

I pieced this quilt about 2-3 years ago--yes, when I can't think of the exact time, it's been too long.  My husband quilted it--learned from his grandmother.  The quilting design is a rose swag in the corner of each block and around the border.  I love this pattern and have made one other like it. This goes to my newly-turned-seven-year old granddaughter for Christmas.  I begin another one the first of the year for granddaughter Number Three.  Maybe she'll get it when she's seven--maybe even sooner.  I'm very happy with this one and hope my little granddaughter will feel the same and like it, too.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Blankie

I made this little Baby Bl'Hankie, as I call it, for my daughter to give to her sister-in-law.  It measures about 11" square and I used a vintage hankie, cute flower and lady bug fabric, and iron-on embroidered lady bug, ribbons and knobby soft plush fabric.  I used velcro on the black ribbon to attach a pacifier or teething ring. I've made a couple more pieces of jewelry yesterday and finished the quilt!!!  Pictures to come.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bevy of Jewelry

The beginning of the week was spent with my daughter and family to celebrate the birth of their five-year-old.  We had great fun and the toys I took were a hit.  We played "princess" the whole time.  In route and while there (during naps--ahhhh), I made these necklaces and bracelets.  I don't know where they will wind up but they're ready--maybe a thank you gift, a Christmas present or maybe I'll wear one.  Now, on to that quilt I've been putting off binding.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Refashioned T Shirt for Sister

I reworked this plain t-shirt by cutting off the hems of the sleeves and the bottom.  I zigzagged the edges of the sleeves and bottom, ruffling them and made roses from the remaining fabric that I attached to the neckline.  I added small crystals I gleaned from an antique earring.  This one goes to my sister.  She had seen my shirt and I asked her if she wanted one.  She purchased her own, choosing her color and size and I remade it in a more fancy version.  Easy, fun and rewarding.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

T Shirt Necklace

Yes, I am actually wearing this and liking it.  I'll be making some more when I can find a little time.  It's been crazy busy around here the past few days and making this for myself was fun.  Try it. 
One large t shirt, seamless is best--your color choice and plain
Lay flat, cut off bottom hem, cut one inch strips up to arm pit, leaving them "in the round."
Stretch each strip.  If they don't stretch then this won't work.
Pick up each strip and lay each single layer in your hand.  Hold all like a lasso in your hand.
Using a smaller strip, wrap it pretty tightly around the strips in your hand.
Pin it and tack with matching thread.
Depending on the lengths, you can wear as is or double it around your neck.
I used a small childs shirt and tied the ends together.
Happy crafting.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's On Your Tree?

Mixed media art card
"He says to the snow, "Fall on the earth."
Job 37:6

Mixed media art card
"For unto us a child is born."
Isaiah 9:6

Mixed Media Santa doll
Appeared in Somerset Studio Magazine

This year's mixed media creation
Use of tin type photo, button/bead dangles.
and old book cover

Lace rolled flower

Linen rolled flower

Cross-stitched and beaded needle roll
"The Holly and the Ivy"

I took these photos pre-dawn and they are wanting light but you see, I actually like my artwork enough to use it on my tree.  These aren't all I have but they are all that will fit on my narrow little tree.  I have other ornaments on my tree, too--mostly vintage and heirlooms.  My tiny tree fits right in front of my window and squeezes into a 2-foot square of space--all I have left in my creation-crowded living room.  I counted and I have four different projects at work in this small space--nothing new here.  Hope your tree brings you joy and directs your thoughts to the Creator of Life.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making Crocheted Necklaces

Three necklaces

Three super long necklaces
I've been busy making these crocheted necklaces the last few days in my spare time.  I've been working around "Christmas," you know what I mean?  Three go to Relics and three to S'more Couture.  I looked at a Sundance catalog the other day and these run anywhere from $100-$200 dollars.  You won't see these at that price but, of course, I didn't use gemstones either.  I like them, though.  I used waxed linen thread/cording and another small cord for beading purchased for me by a friend (thank you, Wendy.)  I bought the waxed cord from Michaels and some I purchased at a yard sale--good for me.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding of Roses Floral Backdrop

These are part of a commission.  The person wants to make a backdrop to rent for weddings.  I have two more very large flowers, 14-20 inches, to make and I've already been paid--though $100 seems small now that I spent 11-12 hours making these.  I guess that's about right for a crafter (I'm getting over it because I really like doing these and loving one's job is significant.)  I make $30.00 an hour teaching piano and $40.00 an hour teaching organ but I'm totally burned out on teaching keyboard and I've gladly traded it for crafting.  Yes, thank you, God.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feathered and Fingerless

Sweet little Guinea feathers

Mini-guineas for me

Sugar Sweet Fingerless Gloves

Lacy Striped Fingerless Gloves
The little guinea feathered earrings look so cute and hang well.  I even made a teeny pair of guineas for me.  Now to see if I actually wear them.  A couple of friends have challenged me and said if I do they would.  We'll see.  Us 60-plus-ers have been know to throw caution to the wind.  Hmmmm.  

The two pair of fingerless gloves I made a while back have sold so the shop owner has requested more.  I had purchased a couple more pair just in case and worked them up a few days ago.  Hope these wind up under someone's Christmas tree this year.

I'm working on super large flowers for a screen commissioned by a wedding photographer to be used as a backdrop.  Pics to come soon.  Happy weekend.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting in the Groove

Made for a friend

Gleaned from a floral pick

Small peacock feathers

Small peacock feathers

Small turkey feathers
These are some of things I've made the last few days.  Monday I felt like creating but I just couldn't remember how to make the feather earrings.  I had forgotten to take pictures of the last ones I made and though I tried four times, I was unable to create them.  I put my creativity on hold until after a good night's sleep and while lying in bed the next morning, I figured out how to do them.  I don't think it was the same way but it worked.  Tomorrow I'll show some more--even made a pair for me!