Sunday, September 30, 2012

BUSY is the word

Our house almost looks like a home.  We have most of the kitchen cabinets and appliances, the walls painted, most of the trim up and the flooring and carpeting down.  Now, just more coats of paint on the doors and door frames--which has been my sole job for a month now--buy a new refrigerator (the one we purchased last year that has been at my daughter's waiting for us is way too big---boo-hoo), hook up the dishwasher (yeah!), wait on the counter top and another cabinet that had been mismeasured.  My poor husband has done plumbing, trim work, ceiling and wall painting and electrical work--plus numerous other odd jobs that have to be done.  He's really been busy.  In the meantime I have a job as staff accompanists at Union U and have been substituting at FBC as organist during a leave due to ill health.  Both are paying jobs but due to the mileage necessary to get to the school, I make diddly-squat.  The only thing worthwhile is the contact and the foot-in-the-door possibilities that the job at the school may bring.  My husband is hoping to sell some of his bows as soon as we have room in the storage shed for his shop.  No other steady income is in the offing.  We wait.  The Lord provides.  All is worth it when I get to see the faces of all my 14 sweet grandchildren.  Pictures of all the above are pending.