Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Know How To Have Fun!

Awakening at 5:30-6:00
Hitting the road with me putting makeup on in the truck
Having loaded the truck with the "Equipment of the Day"
sweeping the floors
washing the floors
priming walls
priming ceilings
priming trim
painting walls
painting ceilings
painting trim
after having washed all of it first:(
sweeping the floors
washing the floors
ordering kitchen cabinets
ordering tub kit
ordering toilet
ordering sink and vanity
ordering mirror
ordering stove
ordering dish washer
ordering microwave
dealing with people who are in the business of knowing what they're doing and don't
sweeping the floors
washing the floors
cleaning windows
cleaning more windows
sweeping the floors
washing the floors (Did you know that sheet rock dust does not clean up well?)
cleaning blinds
power washing the deck
setting mouse traps
catching unsuspecting mouse
sweeping the floors
washing the floors
going to the city dump
going home at dark
rustling up some dinner
bleary-eyedly watching zombie-style whatever our little air-driven receiver can get on tv
falling into bed
Yep, it's remarkably fun.  Who would have guessed...and we get to do it together!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Progress

Our house is beginning to look like one now.  All the paneling is out, all kitchen cabinets are gone, all floors are triple-cleaning, sheet rock is in, floors are washed twice more after sweep-up, primer is painted in LR and Kit., all paint is purchased, all cabinetry is purchased, new bath tub is installed, new bath vanity, mirror and toilet are purchased, outside has been power-washed, smokers' inside windows are being cleaned three times each to remove tar and stains, trim is ready to be painted.  I'm imagining my furniture being placed in the rooms for the first time.  Yes, this building is becoming home and Bill and I have done all the work except for the sheet rocking so far.  We can't do the flooring or carpeting but that will be all we contract out.  There is a strong sense of ownership in a house you redo yourself.  Can't wait until I can show some pictures.