Monday, December 9, 2013

Family Fun...or Is It?

I will commit myself to you forever; 
I will commit myself to you 
in righteousness and justice, 
in steadfast love and 
tender compassion.
Hosea 2:19

I love Christmas. This is a photo taken about 5 years ago. Boy, have things changed. We've added two more and another is on the way.  
Just being with family members is so much fun.  We play, tell stories about our lives, eat, share presents and laugh until our cheeks hurt.  We get along well but no one is perfect.  Sometimes there are misunderstandings, struggling over toys, feeling sorry to lose a game or even some resentment.  We try to remember that love should be "steadfast"...never failing...the love that comes from Christ.  It's the glue that keeps our family together...that common bond.  It takes commitment and compassion to be a loving family...and sometimes sacrifice...but it's worth it.

We're looking forward to being with all of these lovely people some time during the Christmas season.  I can't wait to see each one.  

Photo from my personal files.

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