Monday, April 7, 2014


Because of my sickness,
 no friends or neighbors will come near me.
Psalm 39:11

...except my husband and daughter, if I would let her.
I'm rarely sick so when I am, I make the most of it, I guess.
I got a stomach virus in the wee hours of Saturday and still am not back to normal.  My two year old grandson had it a couple of weeks ago and I think I have the same thing.  Poor little guy wanted a drink and couldn't have one because it didn't stay down for about eight hours or so.  My daughter gave him sips of water but he wanted milk...a no no in the sick world. I took my sips of water and was sorry.  I even had to miss Sunday and playing for church which I haven't done very often in my career as a church organist.  I found this photo and it hit home as it is green and is what I have been viewing through sleepy eyes for the past two days.  At least I'm vertical now.  I hate being sick!

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