Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthdays and Snow

"Front Yard" by Sally L. Smith

Do your work willingly, 
as though you were serving the Lord himself,
 and not just your earthly master.
Colossians 3:23

Of course, on our worst snow day, everything is, church, and a work opportunity.  I'm thankful for all, but this is my husband's and daughter's birthday.  We were planning to eat lunch together in town.  Now we have to find a place that will have a large parking lot so we can park feet away from others. 
 The roads were awful yesterday after 2-3 inches of sleet the day before and were full of ruts from traffic.  I'm not looking forward to driving since we have to take two vehicles and I have to stay in town until 8:30 tonight.  We had more snow last night and on any other snowy day, everyone would cancel.  After two days of the West TN world shutting down, I guess everybody got bored sitting at home and wants the world to continue to spin.  Welcome to winter weather, W TN...and off to work!
Now, that's more like W TN.  School and Wed. activities at church were cancelled.  Well, it is going to be in the single digits tonight with 20 mi. an hr. wind gusts.  We had a bright, sunny, windy but lovely day today and slowly sloshed and bumped our way around doing our project and errands and we even met our daughter and family for lunch.  I'm baking a cake now and we'll share it with the Fam tonight.   Good birthday.

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