Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Rock...True Love

Your dwelling place is secure, 
your nest is set in a rock;...
Numbers 24:21

We tend to build nests...we mothers and grandmothers and wives and sisters.  We want our home to be comfortable and the people that live within to be loved and nurtured.  It is a rare occasion when that love is reciprocated in a meaningful and lasting way
such was the case the other day.

My grandson went for a walk with Grandpa the other day and returned with this heart rock.  I have a few that I have saved for myself and he said, "Grandma, I found this heart rock and I thought you might like to add it to your collection."  How sweet!  I was so touched that he thought of me and as a rock lover himself, he sacrificed his find for me. 
 That is true love...
something you love and sacrifice for another.

That is what God did for us when He sent His Son to die for our sins.
That is true love!

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