Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grandchildren Keep Me Busy

I just finished this little blanket for our tenth grandchild. I've made a cross stitched thermal blanket (because of the little squares that are ideal for x stitching) for the first ten g-children and this one is the last I am going to do. The last name and year are blocked out intentionally. The next one for g-child no. 11, Laura, will be a small crib quilt.

Another grandchild's quilt--Last Christmas we presented Ian, our seventh grandchild this quilt. I used parts of the patterns in a Quilt Magazine (sorry, it has been lost in the shuffle since then),

maybe you can recognize which one. I made a collage of fabric on the strip behind Ian reminiscent of the US starting on the right with the Statue of Liberty and ending with the Great North West, with fields, farms, roads and deserts in between. I pieced it and Bill quilted it. Ian was very pleased.

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