Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Photo Credit:  LadyDragonflyCC

I will send you rain in its season, 
and the ground will yield its crops
 and the trees their fruit.
Leviticus 26:4

The rain has come.
  It has either flooded or nurtured. 
 It is all in God's hands.
I vote for "nurtured," please.

(The events at Union University the past week have put all of us into a tailspin.  One week has seemed like a month.  There are so many residual effects from such an event as this and some of it can be quite damaging.  The Chairman of the Music Department sent his students, staff and faculty two letters this past week and he has held our heads above water throughout the week with his encouragement and words of wisdom.  He has pointed us to the Almighty instead of the other way.  It is a privilege to work with this dear man and I am so appreciative of his care during the storm.)
[See the story line of events here]

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