Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Head in the Clouds

Teach me to do your will,
 for you are my God; 
may your good Spirit 
lead me on level ground.

It's interesting the I should be reading This verse at This particular time This morning.
I got an Etsy order ready to mail, walked to the mail box, set the flag and then decided (as I usually do) to kick the rock behind the post to level the mail box.  Picture: hill, loose gravel and sandals.
Yep, you got it.
I am now nursing a wounded arthritic pointer finger on which I fell as I slipped to the ground.  It's only slightly bruised but it's a little stiff as I type and I have a lot of practicing to do today.  Hopefully the ice will curb the bruising.  I can't be trusted on my own in my own territory!  How sad is that?
So many times in life I've climbed too many hills too tall for me. I've forged ahead on my own with my cocky attitude with no heavenly guidance.  I've slipped on too many loose rocks and injured myself...mentally and emotionally.  I ventured unfettered into the wild world and came back bruised and injured for life.
Oh, why didn't I enlist the Lord for wisdom, guidance and protection?  He wanted me to. Now I live with scars that haunt me...of people I knew, places I went, things I did.

Young people who know better forge into the unknown alone with no guidance from God...not even an acknowledgement that He exists in their lives, only to find themselves wounded for life.
Don't live and learn:
learn and live.

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