Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Power of Quiet

Photo by Sally L. Smith

He says, 
“Be still, and know
 that I am God;...

I was reading my devotional for the day and this verse was the focal passage.  It's interesting that it "suddenly occurred." That's the case with the Holy Spirit.  If we are tuned in, we can hear God speaking.

I'm leading a Pre-K choir this Fall at our church and this verse is the theme.  Don't you think this is a great verse for threes and fours?
What am I saying!  It's a great verse for their leaders, too!
I'm sure their parents probably need this verse as well.

These two words, "be still," pack a lot of power.  If we would only think of them and that they come from our Almighty God, we would have the peace He intends for us. There is a lot of power in being quiet and appreciating that He is in control.

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