Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snowflakes and Roses

It's been a while since I posted but it's been a crazy week. Our church had a full weekend of Lay Renewal Services that involved my participation from Fri. afternoon through Sunday evening. Then I had to play for a funeral on Mon. of a dear friend who lost his battle with leukemia but is now living the eternal life as promised by God for those who know Christ. Today I'm cooking for a person who was scheduled but forgot. I've now cooked for three Wednesdays straight and need a break
I haven't had much time for creating. I made these little snowflakes and roses ornaments a while ago and added the labels yesterday so I have these to show today. I've been working on more little handmade flowers for my granddaughters and the shop and I'm decorating a corner of the shop on Sunday--all white. I'll take a picture when it's done--so I'm collecting and creating white things to display. Must go and create for an hour before I start cooking. TTFN--Ta Ta For Now if you're not a Pooh Bear Fan.
Song of Solomon 2:1--" I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."
In poetic and descriptive words, the author, King Solomon, writes a song of his love for his bride.


Tammy/Yesterday's Cottage said...

Thank you so much for visiting my new blog and leaving your kind comments - they sure warm a girl's heart! Come again soon and often!
I enjoy your blog as well - the journal you made is wonderful!
Have a great weekend -

Tracy Suzanne said...

Very pretty. I've just got to stop and go to bed! LOL.

Tracy :)