Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend That Was

My daughter and her family came to visit last weekend and we had a bit of drama.  I had been preparing for an event in which I would be able to sell the things that I had been working on for two weeks or more.  My family came in while I was still setting up the booth and I got home to see them for about 1 1/2 hours before I was off again with Amy, the shop owner, to man the booth.  Got called by my daughter who said she was miscarrying.  I turned around and met them at the hospital, my husband and I took the two children, we ate supper, went through the bedtime routine without a hitch.  Daughter and husband returned about 8: 30 p.m.  She's doing fine but did loose the baby.  Next morning her son, 18 1/2 m old, started vomiting--same flu bug his sister had last week.  Sister started cold symptoms Sat afternoon. My husband and I were up early as usual on Sun morning for a long morning of worship leading.  New members lunch followed (from which we were excused due to the circumstances).  Sun afternoon late, before our scheduled handbell rehearsal, we were at the prompt care facility with the baby and an earache.  The family left today on a 7 1/2 hour trip that will probably take 9 hours--just normal for children, ages 3 and 18 1/2m.  My husband left in zombie-like condition for work today and I have been floating in a daze all day.  No telling what my daughter and her husband feel!  I don't want to try that one again.
Here's a picture of the booth we set up last week.  I only sold 4 items but fortunately the shop owner and her husband were there to man and take down the booth.  Four items--doesn't seem worth it to me.  In my opinion, the prices are too high but I haven't been able to convince the owner.  Maybe it's just me.  My stuff is not even getting looked at in my Etsy shop.  I'm about ready to fold and yet, I keep getting ideas to create.  What is one to do?


Angie: said...

So sorry to hear your daughter's news and about your stressful weekend! What an overwhelming time for you. I am drawn to your words 'A passion to create' as you wonder if it is all worth it~I personally find that this passion makes it worthwhile for me to know that I am using my God given gift to create things as an expression of my worship. Maybe that is more important than the selling of them? Just a thought. I know I only know you from on here and so don't mean to impose my thoughts. Just wanted to encourage you.x

Emily said...

So sorry to hear about your family & all you went through. I've looked at your etsy stuff before now! Sorry I can't buy at the moment.... I have been thinking lately about the saying 'Big things from little acorns grow' & reminding myself to start small 7 persevere. And ditto to all that Angie said too! Hope your grandchildren are all fit & well now & that your daughter & husband are doing ok. Love & prayers,

Emily :o)