Friday, March 26, 2010

What's New This Week

I've been commissioned to make flowers for headbands for a wedding. Here are the first drafts of the bridesmaids flowers. It turns out that three of the four have to be remade or added to--if the bride has more selvedge. I've begun the bride's headband flowers and will show them later.

Meanwhile, I've redesigned a discount store t-shirt by trimming the sleeves and resewing, removing a pocket and using the retrieved fabric for the rolled roses.  I added faceted beads to the centers and added my own label. 

I also made another brown tank top with cream roses and brown bead centers for a friend's granddaughter.  I keep busy.  It keeps me out of trouble.  I'm going to see Deena today and hopefully she'll feel like lunch.  Follow her bout with cancer and brain tumors at  (I can't get Blogger to link up on only one word so here's the whole shebang.)

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Angie: said...

Wow! I love the wedding flowers!!! They are so beautiful and unique! Just lovely!