Friday, April 16, 2010

Bridesmaid's Gray Flowers

I've had a busy week and will be posting pictures in the next few days of what I made.  These are bridesmaids flowers given to me to decorate.  The colors are light gray on a  charcoal dress.  These will be worn at the waist and each is different from the others.  At the bride's request, I used gray, pearls and gold to match earrings they will be wearing.  It was difficult finding old jewelry and I added new beads as well plus I cut some gold filigree jewelry findings.  They turned out ok but I wasn't crazy about the colors.  I hope the bride likes it because these will be hard to redo since I used E-6000 glue.  Yikes!  (Click on the picture for an enlarged view.)


Ann Flower said...

Wow...these flowers look awesome. I have never seen anything like it. Keep on posting.

Angie: said...

Wow! They look really classy and will look so lovely at the wedding I'm sure! How unique! Love them! xx