Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Had To Have A Shirt Too

Well, what's a Red Hat lady without her purple attire?  I had to make myself a shirt, too.  The other one goes to the shop--one of my LG sizes.  I really hate clubs of any kind and I've never been a member of any except a church missions group.  This one, however, is not like other clubs in that we just get together, eat and socialize--no other responsibility.  A cop out, you say?  No, a blessed relief.  Ask any minister's or deacon's wife and she'll tell you that no matter where she goes, she's responsible for something.  Well, we each do bring something to eat but I don't mind that and the non-cooks buy something to bring.  It's fun in a way but I'm not too keen on wearing my red hat in public.  Oh, the price we pay to fit into a group.  Would Jesus be proud of me if he came back while I was in my red hat group?  I think so.  We all have the same religious belief, we pray for each other and we share our family "stories," not gossip.  Everyone needs a little down time.

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