Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hardware: Historical Beauty

I don't have a lot of time this week so creativity is at a low ebb but I thought I'd share some Victorian beauties with you that I sold in my Lydia's Lineage Attic shop on Etsy.  I love the detail on these old hardware pieces--door hinge, door plate, drawer pull, pocket door plate.  Just lovely.  There are so many ways to use artistic talent.  Even the people of the Old Testament were called to use their God-given skills in His work--building the temple.
Exodus 36:1-7 tells of God calling skilled craftsmen to do all kinds of work on the temple and the members of the congregation chipped in gold, silver and other metals, fabric, wood and whatever they had to the degree that they had more than enough to finish the job.  So much that the craftspeople called off the donations so they could get to work.  Wow, if we only had that much cooperation in our churches, what could we accomplish for the Lord?
I'm blessed to be in a congregation similar to this.  Not everyone gives, grant it, but we do have a large percentage of givers.  Usually we don't go wanting if there's work to be done.  Like I said, Blessed!

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