Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third and Fourth Days Done

I'm exhaused.  The last two days of VBS have been good but rocking out every day at my age is not something I normally do.  "Rocking out?" you may ask.  Yes, and it's a good thing that I've been excercising for the past month.  Though I haven't lost but a couple of pounds, I am more strong and have more endurance and that has been a good thing.  One more day--no, no I'm not counting the days--Well, maybe, a little.

The rose corsage was made a while back for a mother-of-the-bride.  She was to wear a gray dress and wanted pale yellow and cream flowers.  I used a combination of fabrics, combining some, folding, searing some, and sewing, added green leaves and gray crystals, pearls and a touch of gold.  She was very happy but it seemed an odd combination to me, though it did turn out well.

Our Bible verses for the past two days were:
Psalm 119:18--"Open my eyes that I may see the wonderful truths in your instructions."
Psalm 119:37--"Give me life through your word."

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Laura @ Just For Love said...

Hey, hang in there...I know the VBS can be exhausting, right? Phew! I am loving those little flowers you made. Adorable! I tried my hand at a few handmade flowers last week. They turned out pretty well, I must say. They were really fun to do. And good for you for being active! Even if you haven't lost a lot of weight, it's still sooo good for you : ). That is awesome. Keep at it! You go girl!