Friday, September 5, 2014

Keeping It Safe Inside

Guard the good deposit
 that was entrusted to you—
guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit
 who lives in us.
2 Timothy 1:14

The photo above is that of the Guttenberg Bible.  I don't think Paul was thinking of guarding the Word by putting it in an air-proof container to be observed by on-lookers. No, he had everyday life in mind...the life that can worry us, make us mad, destroy our joy and send us looking for answers to its many questions.  
Don't get me wrong.  I'm happy that the first book printed was the Bible.  Back then that actually meant something and probably to a greater percentage of people than it does today.  Today we are inundated with version after version of the Bible but so few have even taken it out of the box.  We take so much for granted and depend on ourselves for answers instead of going to the source of our strength...God, himself.  So many things can pull us away if we let them, so we need to guard the Word given to reading it, memorizing it and then doing what it says.

Photo Credit: Peter Dutton

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