Thursday, March 5, 2015


"Winter's Strike," by Sally L. Smith

The windstorms of winter strike,....
Job 37:9

Finally, we have enough snow to call it Winter.
  We received about 4-5 inches and many towns around us got a lot more.  When something like this happens, the whole world shuts down here...well, almost.  I'm sure there are some brave-hearts who have four-wheel drive vehicles to cart Sillysouls to the hospital when they do their cavorting on the highways.  Though we feel we are seasoned snow veterans, we are always on the lookout for road hogs and young bucks feeling their oats.  Because there are so few snow plows in this area, the roads don't get cleared for days and I've never seen a plow on our back roads.  The only clearing is the track made by the brave or desperate.  
I know this is nothing compared to you Northerners but for us in  Tennessee...we are finally enjoying a real snow day.
Thank you for the snow, Lord.

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