Monday, November 2, 2015

The Humble Persimmon

Photo by Sally L. Smith

Make sure there is no man or woman,...  whose heart turns away from the Lord our God;...make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison.

It looks pretty, doesn't it?
However, looks aren't everything.
If you take a bite of this fruit in its present state, you will be sorry because the bitterness will make the whole inside of your mouth pucker...for a long time.  Nothing you eat or drink will dissolve that feeling.

I find something similar when I look at some people.  Inside the most beautiful ones, you may find one steeped in bitterness.  She may look pretty and seem like she has it all together, but her life's journey has culminated in her contorted outlook on life.  On the surface, she's smiling and looks happy but underneath, because of sin or hurt or dissolution, she is miserable.  She feels alone...among friends and family.  She carries guilt that engulfs her.  What is she to do to regain her true self?

Sometimes taking a look at our relationship with the Lord and returning to our first Love (Jesus, the one who purchased us with His blood) will straighten everything out and give us a different perspective on the life God wants for each of us.  It takes the effort of humbling ourselves before the Lord, turning from lingering sinful ways and thoughts and totally surrendering ourselves to the Lord Almighty who has just the right life for us.  It is not an easy road to purity, honesty and humility but it can be done with God's help.
About face! 

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