Saturday, March 10, 2007

Installment Four Clipped Yarn Fiber Art Quilt

Choose thread colors. I enjoy using some old thread I buy at garage and estate sales. It's very inexpensive and still useable. I test its strength before using it. I match the thread with the colors of the yarn used and use one of my favorite sewing needles (the one with the big eye). I have used embroidery thread before if I need a color I don't have on a spool. I find the more tightly twisted sewing threads work better, however, when pulling them through the yarn.

Begin quilting. I use small stitches about 1/4" apart. This holds everything in place and doesn't show very much from the front. I straight stitch around the design elements: house, roof, background trees, and path. I satin stitch the window and door. I look on the back to see where I might need some more anchor stitching. Last, I embroider the focal tree using straight, running, satin and overlapping stitches.

Add embroidery detail. Here is the piece compared to the original picture.

Here is the finished piece before backing.

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Joanna van said...

Your work is very beautiful. Love this post card