Thursday, May 9, 2013


Again, the kingdom of heaven is like
 a merchant looking for fine pearls. 
When he found one of great value,
 he went away 
and sold everything he had 
and bought it.
Matthew 13:45-46

I was looking for pearls to make bracelets and necklaces similar to these when I ran into a wadded up strand.  I did the "tooth" test on them and they were real!  What a find.  Now I own a strand of real pearls.  I won't be using them in my jewelry to sell.  Instead, I'll wear them.

Sometimes I feel dissatisfied and start looking for something to please the surging desire for....whatever....when all I have to do is dig into the treasure box I already own and pull out a valuable gem.  It was there all along but hidden.

The Kingdom of God is like that.  We search and search for something to fill the emptiness within, the God-hole in our hearts, when all along He's been there waiting for us...and all we had to do is ask him to come and meet our need.  God will satisfy...when I trust Him.

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