Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Life Causes Artist Shutdown

After I made these ATCs/ACEOs I was immediately in love with them. Unfortunately, no one else was because they didn't sell on eBay. On to ETSY with them. There's got to be someone who has the same taste as mine out there! I don't know if I should continue with them, but I keep making them. Oh, well, my family knows what they're getting for Christmas.

One wonders about altered art. Why do it? What good is it? Who buys the stuff? All these questions and more rattle through my brain. That's not the problem. The problem is - I'm hooked on altered art! I can't help myself. Once I started, I can't stop! Who's to help me from this terrible fate. I'll have a house full of art that no one likes. What' s to save this poor wretch of an artist? This one bit the dust on ebay and now adorns my wall. :( ----:)

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