Saturday, May 26, 2007

Matchbox, Doll and Dominoes

I decided to alter a small matchbox. The front is The Blue Lady and the back is the butterfly. It was fun. I may do it again if it sells. I have no need for pretty matchboxes but maybe someone does.

I tried altering a domino. I had an incomplete set of old Dragon Dominoes so I tried it. The first is decoupaged and the second is fiber adhered with gel medium. I dry brushed gold paint on it.

Here's the back of the fiber art domino. You can see the fibers from the sides as they cling to the back. Kinda cool. The dragon shows up well with the dry brushed paint. Both are on eBay.
I made this little baby a while ago and didn't like how it looked with the background so I cut the background off and here's a little doll! I added the purse to make it look cute. Bald is beautiful.

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