Saturday, May 19, 2007

Works for Mid May

This piece is called "Regarding Roses." It is ATC size, quilted and includes the use of three old handkerchiefs, tapestry, old buttons (green, pink and cream), and a copy of an old photo. On Ebay.
I love looking for "things" but I have way too many of them--more than I can use. I've put these things on eBay.
Life is not all "regarding roses." Sometimes things happen. In my Things of the World Series I've added this piece, "Trusted--Treated." You add your own story. ATC size and on eBay.
This is not a duplicate. I made this one measuring 7" x 7 1/2" and edged in black fabric bound over a specially-made artist frame. This one goes to the youth auction at my church Sunday for missions. The youth go to World Changers where they pay money to sleep on a gym floor and help needy people with construction of their homes in lower income sections of large cities all over the US. This is similar to Habitat for Humanity. The kids come home with their eyes opened to the needs and how they can be met. This money helps the ones who have money problems themselves have an opportunity to do mission work. I call it "Winter, Be Gone."

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slm502007 said...

Oh is mine now and I love it! Thankyou for sharing your talent with the youth. Much appreciated!