Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Again--Working on Flowers

I've been asked to design a signature flower for the little curiosity shop called Relics. I love the shop. It has bunches of cool antique stuff and it seems she caters to the mixed media artists because I could spend a lot in there. Restraint here at Christmas time is in order and I have to concentrate on selling more than I buy but what with 13 grandchildren, that's saying a lot. I'm trying though. Back to the flowers--I think it is the coolest thing to use different fabrics. Each flower is a new creation and that brings me to another scripture about "new creations" found in Galatians 6:15--"What counts is a new creation." Paul was saying that it makes no difference what we look like on the outside but it's inside that counts. We can be as pretty as a flower on the outside but we ARE what is within us.

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