Monday, December 14, 2009

A Bible Of A New Sort

This poor little Bible had been abused by some child and I rescued it from the give-away bin at church. They'd used green marker on the edges and it had torn pages so I decided to give it a new life. "New," you say? It doesn't look new but that's the point. I sprayed each thin page with water and crinkled it, let it dry and dry brushed walnut stain and gold paint on the edges. I think it looks fabulous and it can still be read. I don't want to mess with the "jot and tittle" and totally obscure God's message here. (My husband, a Bible lover and collector was not too thrilled with my creation.) I made the bookmarks from ribbon and muslin strips and added bunches of beads on the ends worked through tiny old plastic curtain rings. The old Bible makes a great display for them. I've sold two bookmarks and have an order for one of the Bibles. Now to find another abused one....

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