Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tatted Lace on a Christmas Card

I made Christmas cards for my sisters and used a copy of an old photograph of my Grandmother and Great-grandmother--Swedish origin and Norwegian immigrant and here they are doing laundry together. What a patient Grandmother to have her mother-in-law live with her and her husband and three boys. No wonder she died when she was 50. The great-grandmother lived to 93. Stubborn works, I guess. Seeing this photo made me ashamed of complaining about doing laundry. Off to shop for Christmas food and wrap presents for my 13 grandchildren--Ho, Ho, Ho!
Psalm 51:7--" Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow."--a prayer of King David after coming to grips with his sins.

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Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Hi Sally, I just came over from Dawns Blog and it is so nice to "meet" you. I pretty much read your entire blog and was so encouraged by your art and all of the scripture that you include. I will be back and am adding your blog to my reading list! Have a wonderful Christmas!