Wednesday, January 8, 2014


God is always fair. 
 He will remember how you helped his people in the past
 and how you are still helping them.
Hebrew 6:10a (Contemporary English Version)

I've been subbing at the organ for well over a year now, helping the organist out while he struggled with cancer and congestive heart failure.  He is now in hospice care and things are not looking good for him.  It dawned on me that the church may want me to continue here and I'm not sure what God has planned in this regard.  I'd still like to help but the Music Minister is Interim and a new one may have other plans for style of music used (as has happened in the past.)  I guess I'll live week to week and keep on helping.  God knows and I don't.
  Henry Blackaby said in his study, "Experiencing God," that one should continue to do what God has given him until He makes it clear that one should move on.  Keep on keeping on would be the thing to do.

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