Friday, November 7, 2014

Embracing the Rock

"Embracing the Rock" photo by Sally L. Smith

They are wet with
  the showers of the mountains,
 and embrace the rock
 for want of a shelter.
Job 24:8

As I walk I usually look down, mainly because I'm a klutz and have to know where to step but usually because I find interesting things to bring home.  While walking the other day, this was in my path and drew my attention...a leaf clinging to and embracing a small rock.  My thoughts immediately went to the times I've read about "the rock" in reference to God and how this visual illustrates my dependence upon The Rock of My Salvation.  If I don't cling to Him, I blow away, crumble and become useless.  I'm going to save this for a while as a reminder to always go to God for shelter in any storm.

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