Sunday, August 16, 2015

Perfect Beauty

"Color Beauty - Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis)" by Anne Worner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Because we have these promises, dearly loved ones, out of respect for God we should scour the filth from our flesh and spirit and move toward perfect beauty and holiness.

Each butterfly is a work of art created by the Master Creator.  Each person is also a work of art, uniquely designed by our Creator who loves us and put us here to worship Him and give Him the work of our hands.  If our hands are stained with life acts, personal glory and selfishness, how can we offer Him "perfect beauty?"  How can what we do bring honor to Him?  How can we be holy enough?
We cannot scour off enough filth to become like Him.  We can only try. 
Only through Christ's sacrifice are we made holy.  Only by living our lives everyday through His grace can we discover that what He gives us to do is beautiful.

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