Monday, September 14, 2009

Down for the Count Today

I had a molar pulled today. It's been giving me trouble for a few years by not being able to chew things like corn chips, etc. without bringing on intense pain. Two and half weeks ago it started giving me constant pain and, long story short, it was cracked to the root and had to go. It's hard saying goodbye to part of one's body. Many of you know that story all too well. My daughter reminded me of others with whom she was acquainted that had it much worse than I. Her telling me that made me feel 100% better. The ordeal was quick with no complications, at least not yet. Now if I make it without a dry socket, I'll be in the pink. I made a couple of small journals yesterday but forgot to take pictures and they went to the buyer this afternoon so I have nothing to show for my work except a few dollars--but, hey, that's not bad.

Psalm 150:6--"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."

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Mary said...

Hope recovery is quick and easy!