Thursday, September 10, 2009

Red Hat Tea Party Picnic

Well, the tea party was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves.
One lady said she'd never been to a tea party before--strange...I have them all the time for my grandchildren. I guess that stems from my grandmother having had tea parties with me and my sisters.

The table was laden with food: finger sandwiches, real scones, assorted breads, fruit, dessert bars, fruit and nut tarts and chocolate covered strawberries. I just said to bring some crumpets and I'd provide the tea and they did. They were also thrilled and surprised with the little party favors (see my post of a couple of days ago.)
I made my own chai: powdered milk, powdered creamer, french vanilla creamer, sugar and spices (you know I can't give away my secret spices to just anyone.) The table, though crowded, looked beautiful and a good time was had by all. I'd do this again in a minute because I had a great time preparing it. I'm not in any of the pictures but a friend did take one with me in it. Red Hats just get together and have a good time--no agenda, no stress. We trade off hosting our monthly events and this month was mine. We all agreed that we needed a tea party each year as an annual event. I'll be the hostess!

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