Monday, January 11, 2016

Sharing the Fruit

Promises - Photo by Sally L. Smith

 Build cities for your families 
and stone fences for your flocks, 
but do what you have promised.

About 20 years ago we decided to make quilts for our grandchildren.  Many obligations have blocked our time to do so but this has put us on the path again.  This one is the tenth of 15 so we are two-thirds done!

I do the tedious work of finding a pattern, buying the fabric or finding some in our family's stash, piecing the quilt top and adding the layers with the two of us usually pinning the layers together.  Bill does the difficult work of hand quilting it on his handmade quilting rack.  Both of us find our side of the work rewarding.  I taught myself how to sew (only because I would not let my mother teach me...yes, I'm hardheaded.)  Bill, however, learned to quilt from his Grandmother Grace when he was just a boy.  Who knew we would make a team and complete something lovely and useful together!

My last post was about the fruit of our hands.  I'd say this is fruit...a heritage for our children.  There is another heritage much more meaningful than this
thing of the world and that is The God of All who lives inside our soul.  
As this quilt will be proudly displayed on the bed of one of our granddaughters after it is quilted, our lives and words have been displayed before her as well. I want the latter to be the one she remembers the most.

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