Thursday, January 21, 2010


We've had so much snow and cold lately that when we did have sunshine, the snow melted into great icicles.  Here you see "bars" of ice across my kitchen window.  You can also tell which portion of our house is more insulated than the other.  Time to call the insulation people.  This was the 12th of Jan. and the last day we've had any sun.  We've had icy fog, icy mist, rain mixed with ice and freezing rain--yuck!  I'm longing for some rays.  I have to admit that it is beautiful on the trees.  I'd take my camera outside to show you but it would get wet and I'm like a hog on ice--not a beautiful analogy but it works.
I found another snow passage in the Bible the other Sunday during the second sermon of the day--Isaiah 55:10--"Rain and snow come down from heaven."  Yep, I'm thankful God knows what he's doing.

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