Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Rolled Roses Necklace

I finished the roses on Saturday, adding the beads and button, and sewed them into this necklace on Sunday afternoon.  I wore it Sun. evening and Monday.  I really like it but some comments were "That's unique" and "Hmm, that's different."  I'm not sure what to think of those comments.  I still like it and may keep it--not sure whether to sell these or not.  Guess I'll see how the one at the shop goes and I'll put one in my Etsy shop as well, though that usually does not get much attention.  I hope they go because it was fun to make.  Why do all the things that are fun don't sell?  Maybe one day something will catch on.  Probably then I'll make so many that I'll be tired of making them.  What then?  Guess I can't be satisfied.  Gotta work on that.  Busy day what with VBS study and a funeral.  I sure know how to have fun!


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Well, here's my response to those comments you deem may be questionable -- as to what does different mean? You're doing something very bold and exciting; it's not for everyone. Neither is my work, but what I realize is, I have to find my niche, my audience. It may be smaller than the general public, but so far, they are loyal buyers. So I wouldn't worry about comments too much. Go with your instinct: YOU like it. And so do I, by the way! :))

Dawn said...

This is very pretty!!!
That happens to me sometimes...when you aren't sure what the response is supposed to mean.
Oh well...I figure that if I like it, that is all that matters!!