Friday, June 10, 2011

Temper Temper

This flower is just icing on the cake to a problem I've been having with a remade dress.  I got two pieces of clothing put together, a dress top and a skirt bottom covered with nylon chiffon (bouffant styled and attached to the bottom of the skirt),  but it had been so long since I'd put in a zipper that I paid to have it done.  Turns out the zipper placement allowed a mismatch in the back between the two sections.  Instead of contacting me about the problem before sewing it, this is how I received it.  Now I have to figure out a way to make it work.  I had made this flower to use on the front of the dress and have been so discouraged that I decided to just sell the flower by itself.  Yesterday I sewed a pin back on it and then I started sewing a hair clip to make the flower more versatile when I noticed that I had sewed the straight pin part down to the point of being immoveable.  The only way to rectify the situation was to remove the pin.   I was so mad that I threw it and a pair of scissors across the table.  Fortunately, I only knocked over the salt and pepper shakers and the scissors hit the floor instead of the wall.  Yep, you might say I have a little trouble with temper.  Maybe today I'll be able to correct the situation without loosing it--maybe.  Do you think my anger turned to sin?  Hmmm, yes.

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