Tuesday, June 21, 2011


God is Wild About You!  This is the reason for my lack of posts for the past few days. (Click on photo for a larger view.)  We decorated the sanctuary on Sat. from 9:00-12:00 and have been tweeking it since.  We had over 200 kids and leaders here yesterday and we had a good day even though it rained on half the kids while we were still registering them.  Busy, busy and on top of that we have a funeral here today and I'm playing for it.  Death does not seek convenience.  The deceased would have loved this backdrop, though, so we're celebrating her life here. Onward and Upward!  Thank you, Group.com for the wonderful idea and resources and especially Cheryl and Mary who organized it and all the helpers who make it a success.  Thank you, God, for your gift to us.

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mary said...

And many thanks to you Sally! As the little boy said today- You're awesome!