Friday, July 13, 2007

A Book Cover and Two Cards Make Art

This is a picture of my model, Emily. I painted a dress for her and have altered her into a fairy princess.
I call this piece "A View of Life." It measures 6" x 9" with the twisted wire hanger another 2" above. I've combined cloth and lace with my etching and altered paper images. It has an "interesting" appearance--much better in real life, as are they all.
I found a picture of a civil war soldier in an old album with 1800s photos. It's a great picture, much better than this one. Since I don't have a laser printer, all my ink jet pictures have to be sealed with gel medium and it distorts the color and clarity sometimes. I'm having trouble with a name for this one: Unattainable Dream, Dream of the Heart, Someday? I don't know.
I've used one of my favorite photos. I love this picture. I finally have decided to use wings. I have a thing about fairies, but I love the pictures with wings. I used etching around her in the purple background. Both the cards above are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2." All three are going on Etsy today.

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