Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Jesus answered, 
“I tell you, Peter, 
before the rooster crows today, 
you will deny three times 
that you know me.”
Luke 22:34

Peter, the strongest of the disciples, the most out-spoken, the most impulsive, turned from his vow to follow Jesus--even to death.  He even denied knowing Jesus when the going got rough.  He cursed, didn't even show up for his crucifixion, went into hiding with the others and didn't believe what Jesus had told them about the resurrection.

I've done that, too.  I have good intentions but find myself shirking my responsibility to share the good news of Jesus, give my money and gifts, take my time to serve others.  After such an occasion, I'm usually filled with guilt, just like Peter. But...Christ continued to use Peter anyway.  After Peter came to his senses and experienced that Christ was telling the truth, Jesus built the church of Jesus Christ with Peter as the head preacher.

There's still hope for me.

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