Monday, April 15, 2013

Remarkable Dad

...a time to weep 
and a time to laugh, 
time to mourn 
and a time to dance...
Ecclesiastes 3:3-5

The loss of my son-in-law's grandfather brought back memories of my Dad--a most remarkable man.

World War II Navy veteran
committed husband 
proud Daddy
doting Grandpa
lover of God
lover of life
lover of all people
lover of fun
big-time ham
and so much more...

The first photo is of him before I was born and just after coming home from the war in the late '40s.  The second is him hamming it up with a co-worker celebrating in the real estate office where he worked...effectively...into his eighties.  He might have been about 78 in this shot.

Just wanted to share my thoughts.  I still love him and think about him often.  I so much wish I were like him but, alas, I'm more like my Mom...staid, somber and prim.  There is a closet inside me that I open on occasion when I least expect it...usually around the people I love and trust or, in rare moments, in front of a crowd of church people.  Vacation Bible School is approaching and it brings back memories of my "hamitude" where my Dad-clone surfaced.

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